Find The Perfect Domain Name

You've got a side project that you've been working on for a while now.
Everything is coming together nicely, except it just needs a great name!

All of the good domains are taken, right? Or are they!
Let NamesAce find the perfect domain for your next project.

Made For Side Projects

Building things is fun, but naming things can be hard!

Getting things off the ground without spending a fortune sometimes seems impossible.

NamesAce offers you several ways to find a great domain at an affordable price.


Free - Looking for a sweet domain for your next project? My free, monthly newsletter is full of ideas. Sending you the best brandable, available .com domains for your next side-project. No spam, just awesome domains.

NamesAce Studio

$19 p/a - Get access to NamesAce Studio, my custom built domain search tool. It follows my tailored process that I use in my custom domain reports. Great if you're looking for domains on a regular basis, or in bulk.

Domain Search Reports

$199 - If you'd like all of the hard work done for you try a Custom Domain Search Report. We deliver a custom report, highlighting the best names. Our reports contain hundreds of hand picked, freely available .com domains.

Branded Domains

$249 - Buy a ready-to-go domain package. Includes .com domain and high res logo and all artwork files. I'm regularly adding new names so check our list below. Perfect if you're eager to get your project live today


If you're always looking for inspiration for projects and sweet domains my free monthly newsletter is always filled with great .com domains that fit a wide range of projects.

NamesAce Studio

A Search Tool For Finding Those Hidden Gems!

After creating many domain search reports for our clients, we found a search process that really worked! However a detailed report can take a lot of time and manual searching. After jumping back and forth between lots of different tools, dictionaries and bulk name checkers, we knew there was a better way.

NamesAce Studio is our custom built domain search tool that combines word inspiration, thesaurus, word merges, multi TLDs, bulk domain availability checker and even comes with a handy .csv export tool!

By casting a wide net and maximising all combinations it's sure to turn up some great domains you'll be surprised are still available and will want to snap up! We use it as a core part of our search reports and now you can use it too!

It's the ideal tool if you're always building side projects and are regularly looking for a new domain for your next MVP.

Unlike other domain search tools we've kept it advert and spam free and made it our most affordable product so it's great for bootstrappers. NamesAce Studio is just $19 a year! So even if it saves you from buying just 1 over-priced domain it will have done its job. Plus you're sure to get more value as we continue to improve it with new features being added regularly!

It's free to try, so give it a test today. Starting with just 1 keyword you can find over 100+ freely available .com domains for your project in under a minute! You will need to register for an account to try it for free!

Custom Domain Reports

We know how it goes when you're looking for a great domain for your next project. You think of a perfect name but you check it and it's taken. Damn!

You try a slightly different name but that's gone too! Before long you've thought it over for weeks and you're considering how many letters you can remove from the name you really wanted and still have it make sense. Or maybe adding 'get' or 'app' or 'HQ' to the end would help. Perhaps a .com doesn't matter after all!

You're certain there's a great domain out there but finding one that is available and that fits your budget is proving really hard.

The simplest way to find the best domain for your side project is to cast a wide net, gathering ideas, values and inspiration from the niche that you are working in. Then narrowing down to the one most suitable for you, filtering out all of the ones that don't match your criteria. This leaves you with a neat list of great and available domains that fit your project. Whichever you settle on, it's yours in an instant! You can rest easy knowing all options were checked.

A NamesAce custom domain report does all of this work for you. Whether you're struggling to find a great name at all or are torn between different options, a NamesAce Report will point you in the right direction.

Once you purchase a custom report we send across a short questionnaire on your side project. Within 72 hours we deliver your report and our recommended domains for you. Our detailed reports are a great balance between thorough automated searches and the human touch of brand awareness. We'll help you find a great domain for your next side project.

Branded Domains

These great domain names are ready to buy today, complete with high-res branding artwork.

As soon as you purchase you will get an email with details starting the transfer process.

If you'd like a domain to go live on an app immediately, we can help with that too!

7 Letter .com domain. Perfect for a premium productivity app. Combining the word Task with the suffix -ium to create a memorable, brandable domain name.

9 Letter .com containing 2 pronounceable dictionary words. Perfect for a link shortening app or plugin. Also suitable for a web based project management tool.

5 letter premium brandable .com domain. Tudut is perfect for a To Do app. The name is also a palindrome, it is the name of a french dance and the word means 'accent' in the Malay language.

5 letter premium brandable .com domain. Latrz is perfect for a Time Tracking app or bookmarking tool. The name is also a commonly used hashtag but has very low authoritative search results, making a great brand that is easy to rank for organically!

8 Letter .com containing 2 dictionary words. Ideal for an email or messaging app. Also lends itself nicely to being branded with an animal mascot, like the fox face in the included logo which is also the outline of a paper airplane too!

This is a full business purchase

Sale includes 9 Letter .com containing 2 dictionary words. Website, hosting, new email address, logo assets, website assets, physical product inventory, Typeform order process, marketing images and other videos, support and various supplier contacts etc.